The definite collection of useful resources to kickstart your next design project.

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I know, out there are a lot of different curated resource websites for designers and creative minds. I am a regularly visitor of some of them. Over the past few months I have realized that always the same tools, apps, and resources are displayed. Likewise, free resources are advertised on these sites primarily. Do not get me wrong, we all love stuff that’s free. However, there are so many talented creators who provide outstanding resources, and it is probably the least to make a contribution. These creators should get exactly the support they deserve for their work. So you will find on both free, as well as paid resources on designsupplies, as it is all about the quality. 

I love content curation and over the years I have built a huge archive full of apps, tools, software, extensions, plugins, resources (like ui-kits, templates, themes, etc.), books, articles, podcasts, and so on. Since launching my weekly digest The Creative Abstract, where I share everything I came across my week, I decided to built something for the creative community to kickstart your next design project. 

designsupplies will be the definite collection of useful apps, tools, software, resources, books, podcasts, for all the creative minds out there!

What you will get

Apps, Tools, Software

Books, Articles, Knowledge-Base

Resources, Templates, Themes, UI-Kits

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Who it's for

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✔ Small Business Owners

✔ Entrepreneurs

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✔ Anyone who wants to get started in the creative Scene!

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Only one person is working on this project. Hey my name is Philipp, nice to meet you!

Hey, my name is Philipp and I am a Designer, who loves to work on side-projects. This here is my very first MVP.

Besides my own projects, I am working as a full-time designer at iTranslate. I also worked at agencies and freelanced for different companies. 

I started to work on designsupplies a couple of weeks ago and now it is nearly done! The web design is done, I am just sorting out what will be the best solution to display all the content. If you want to get some more insights, I have decided to blog about my side-projects and all my learnings. So head over to and check out my articles.

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